Retaining Legal Services to Prove Your Case

When you have been hurt on the job, you have a finite time to act if you want to pursue a workers comp claim. Most states require injured workers to seek medical attention within 72 hours after the accident. If you wait too long, you cannot file a claim and seek compensation from your employer’s insurance company.

However, you might fear reprisal if you file a claim and seek medical attention. By hiring a lawyer who specializes in personal injuries, medical malpractice, or workmans comp oregon injured workers like you could obtain an advocate who can help you throughout this process.

Avoiding Reprisals at Work

By law, your employer cannot take action against you for filing a workers comp claim. However, your employer could take action and say it was the result of something other than your injury. For example, you could be demoted or put in another position with the excuse that your work performance was not up to par or the department you were transferred to needed more help. You may not know how to prove the actions were taken in retaliation for your work accident and claim.

When you have a lawyer on retainer, you can get the protection needed to keep your job and maintain your current position and income earning ability. Most employers are too afraid to act against an employee who has a lawyer on retainer. They know they could be sued if they attempt to make any changes to the worker’s employment.

Your lawyer can also be a valuable asset if you want to file a lawsuit against your employer. You may want to prevent an accident like yours from happening in the future to another employee. You also may feel like you are entitled to compensation to help pay your medical bills.

Your lawyer can help you prepare a case to take to court if necessary. Chances are your employer will want to settle out of court. Your lawyer can negotiate a settlement that covers your medical bills and also compensates you for any suffering you incurred after the accident.