Quick Assistance When You are Behind Bars

When you have been arrested and put in jail, you do not want to languish behind bars until your court date. After you have been processed and arraigned, you want to get out of jail and go home to be with your family members until your trial or sentencing date.

When the judge has established a bail amount for you, you might want to raise the cash as quickly as possible. You can get the money that you need quickly by borrowing it from a payday loan company, title loan business, or Wyoming County bail bonds company that has staff on call 24 hours a day.

Making the Phone Call

You probably will not be allowed to arrange for bail until after you have been arraigned. After all, you will not know the bail amount until that court appearance. As soon as you are arraigned, you may be allowed to make a phone call to a local bail bonds agent who can come to the jail with the money you need.

In most instances, the amount is 10 percent of your bail. Even so, 10 percent could be more than you have in your bank account right now. The bail bonds agent can front the money for you so you can get out of jail and go home faster.

However, the agent does more than just front the money for you. He or she requires you to sign a legally binding contract stipulating under what terms you are borrowing this money.

For example, the bond amount will come with interest just like a bank loan or credit card line of credit. You will be required to pay back the interest as well as the principle in a timely manner. If you fail to do so, you could risk losing any asset you used as collateral. In the worst case scenario, you might end up being arrested for not upholding the bond contract.

These are a few of the terms stipulated in the contract with the bail agent. You can find out more online.