Justice for Birth Injuries Due To Malpractice

Birth injuries are always tragic. No matter what caused them, the consequences are usually heartbreaking to see. While there are a few rare instances where the doctor did all he could do, in most cases a hospital or doctor is responsible for these injuries. There are many different types of cases seen on birthinjurymedicalmalpractice.com, and the consequences vary in severity, but all of them that successfully prove a doctor, hospital, or organization guilty of causing these injuries put a spotlight on the need for better care in the United States.

The primary thing that a lawyer wants to do when one of these cases is brought to them is protect the parents and infant involved in the incident. Birth injuries occur in far too many births. In reality, they should never happen. Medical science has advanced far enough that there is enough information and equipment to ensure that every birth goes smoothly for its entire duration. Unfortunately, that leaves room for human error and this does happen.



Examples of birth injuries

Medical malpractice cases can be brought against a doctor, hospital, or nurse for any number of different reasons. Some injuries are more common than others. For example:

– Wrongful birth, where parents were not told about a birth defect that would have caused them to end the pregnancy

– Failing to control blood-loss during and after delivery, resulting in injury to the mother… in some cases, ending her life

– Injuries from a seizure during delivery, caused by undetected preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy)

All of these instances can cause horrific injury to the mother or the baby, resulting in years of medical bills. In the case of wrongful birth, parents will be caring for that child for the rest of the child’s life. In that case, compensation values can go particularly high.

Contact a lawyer today

There is a certain amount of time that you have to file a lawsuit in one of these cases. If you wait too long, the time passes you by. Many people will struggle over whether or not to bring a lawsuit against a doctor or a hospital. They may feel that it was an honest mistake or not want to go through the legal turmoil of working through a lawsuit, in light of the other worries on their minds. The best advice is to ALWAYS get a free consultation with a lawyer after a birth injury has occurred.

More than individuals, hospitals and doctors especially have a responsibility to be careful during all phases of pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery. Not holding a doctor or hospital accountable for their negligence means that another child or mother may suffer because you didn’t seek justice for yourself. A good rule is to at least speak with a lawyer and let them explain to you what has happened, what they can do for you, and what steps to take next. It gives you justice and saves the next person from suffering.