Here Are The Main Activities Notaries Engage In

A notary, also known as a Notary Public, is an individual certified by their state of residence to act as a witness of a number of acts. The purpose of notaries is to reduce the incidence of fraud. This is made possible by having all involved parties sign documents in front of the notary, who can later attest to the validity of such interactions. Although most of us will have to interact with a notary at some point during our lives, not everybody knows what exactly a notary does. Let’s dig into several responsibilities of notaries as required by the American Society of Notaries, the National Notary Association, and state governments.


Also known as oaths, affirmations are essentially promises made by involved parties that what the involved documents contain is entirely true. Affirmations require both verbal and written action in order to be completed.

Notaries Frequently Witness People Writing Signatures

Although signatures are generally difficult to fake, the potential of documents containing fake signatures whenever notaries witness those signatures is cut to zero. The purpose of this responsibility of notaries is to prevent any parties that were involved in a transaction from saying that someone else signed it or that they weren’t aware of what involved documents contained.

Notaries Public Also Certify Copies of Original Documents

In some cases, like during divorce proceedings, people need to take copies of documents and undeniably prove that they’re the same as their originals. Certified copies can’t be of things like marriage, birth, and death certificates, though virtually all other types of documents are fair game for being copied.

There’s a Long List of Requirements to Be Met to Consider Something a Lawful Notarization

While it won’t be listed here, just know that notaries must meet ten of ten requirements for every transaction they’re involved in for those transactions to be considered valid. Fortunately, it is not difficult to become a notary in illinois. Working as a notary brings several benefits along with it, all of which are well worth the investment.