Avoid Legal and Financial Problems by Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate transactions are often complex, with contracts that may be difficult to understand. A real estate lawyer understands the laws and regulations regarding corporate and personal real estate. There are several important reasons to hire a real estate lawyer.

Why Would Someone Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

A real estate lawyer is essential any time an individual or a business is buying or selling a property. Everything from inheritance to securing adequate funding for a property can be complicated, requiring the expertise of an experienced attorney. A lawyer understands aspects of zoning laws and how to manage bureaucratic red tape when negotiating for and managing a mortgage.

Courthousedirect.com states that during a commercial transaction a real estate attorney can advise clients of environmental concerns, easements, liens and structural conditions. There are several other specific reasons a real estate lawyer may be needed.

  • An attorney may be needed to review any contracts involved.
  • A lawyer can handle any discrepancies with a title.
  • A lawyer may be needed to mediate between a landlord and a tenant if any disputes would arise.
  • A real estate lawyer can protect an individual or business’s rights after a sale has been made.

What Happens if Someone Doesn’t Have a Real Estate Lawyer?

Property solicitors can provide protection from the possibility of steep financial losses because of tax issues or legal disputes. An attorney can also help an individual or company from unintentionally breaking a law, which could end up causing delays in a real estate sale.

If a property has been willed or is part of an estate, an attorney can make sure the property ends up with the individual or business that was intended to have it. If an attorney isn’t involved the property may end up not going where the deceased originally planned. According to Bankrate, in some states it’s actually required to have an attorney to sign off on a sale. Without a real estate lawyer the sale might not be legal.

Why choose GSC Solicitors?

GSC Solicitors is a law firm with twelve experienced partners and an entire staff of over forty individuals. They provide expertise in a variety of areas including both commercial and residential real estate. Whether it’s in the UK or internationally, GSC Solicitors can handle all types of transactions for companies and individuals.

For anyone looking to sell or buy property for a large corporation, a small business or an individual sale, a seasoned real estate solicitor can help make a real estate transaction run smoothly. Contact GSC Solicitors for more information.